A militant who sent his nine year old daughter on a suicide mission in Damascus earlier this month was killed in his home on Sunday.

Abdurrahman Shadad, otherwise known as Abu Nimr al-Souri, was killed by an assassin linked to the former Al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham (JFS), reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The monitor initially reported that Nimr had been killed by “unknown militiamen” but later confirmed that someone from Fateh al-Sham had killed the militant in the Syrian neighbourhood of Tishreen, located on the outskirts of Damascus.

Nimr was known to have been a member of the Al-Qaeda affiliate and working under its protection. 

He had reportedly also joined the Islamic State group for a brief period of time returning to JFS, sources told the Observatory.

It remains a mystery why Nimr who is believed to have come from the Damascus suburb of Ghouta was killed by militants close to JFS.